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Google: Les Dreyer after Feb. 2004; for photos visit blog site:


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 In Tune With the Stone Age, July 6. 2009


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"Saving the Opera"                                                                   The New York Times, June 13, 2011


"The Buchenwald Symphony Jewish Life, Fall 1975
"The Fastest Tremolo in the West" The South Dakota Review, Summer issue, 1977

"The Saboteur Claquer" Ovation, Jan.1982


U.S. Marine Corps Training Manuals, Maps, etc. 1951-53
"No Prompter" The Juilliard Journal, Feb.2002
"Reverie" The Juilliard Journal, April, 2002
"Isolde" The Juilliard Journal, Oct. 2002
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International Who's Who in Music 1985-to present
Table Tennis Topics Feb. 1976
Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature: vol. 36, 37, 38, & 40
NY Times Index 1979
WQXR interview; Met Orchestra Roundtable March 13, 1999
Spotlight The Juilliard Journal, Sept. 06
Sirius Met Broadcast interview April 11, 2007


Erasmus Hall H.S.
Concertmaster of NYC All-H.S. Orchestra 1946
Yaddo Contemporary Music Festival 1949
Concertmaster: Juilliard Opera Orchestra 1949-51
Juilliard Sc.Music Scholarship, violin diploma 1951
Columbia Univ. B.S. in music 1961
Columbia U. Graduate Sc. Musicology courses 1961
National Orchestral Assn. (Leon Barzin) 1950s
WNYC "Young American Artist Series" 1947
NBC –TV Opera Orchestra, Symphony of the Air, 1954
Kohon String Quartet, New Orleans Philharmonic,
National Symphony (Wash.D.C.), Radio City 1955
Music Hall, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra 1961--
Associate-Principal 2nd-violin 1970-2000
Chicago Lyric Opera, Principal 2nd-violin 1969
Aegina Arts Centre, Greece trio in residence &
Faculty teaching position. Summers of 1972 & 1973


U.S. Marine Corps, drafted in Korean Conflict 1951
Active Reserve as Corporal until 1959
National Defense Medal; Audio-Visual Aids Unit
Camp LeJeune, N.C. Active Duty: Nov.5, 1951-53


Chess (1st prize Manhattan Chess Club Class-B
Tournament 1969.) Table Tennis (see biographic
article by Reba Monness in "Table Tennis Topics" Feb.76)
Favorite Authors: Proust, Nabokov, Gogol, Stendahl,
Baudelaire, Gautier, & other 19th C. French poets
& writers. Also, Goethe, Heine, Schiller, etc.
Art History; particularly Asian art.
Foreign Languages: Many --- on a Berlitz level.
Japanese Culture: Bushido, Films, Martial Arts,
Fine Arts, etc.
Feeding & Loving Care of Cats


Solos on Arthur Godfrey "Talent Scouts" TV, Paul Whiteman's "Steel Pier" TV show (1st Prize). Asst.Concertmaster "Fiddler on the Roof" Bdwy. Musical (2 weeks), Lead violin for Copacabana strings for shows in late 50's and recordings with Paul Anka, Bobby Darin, Patti Paige, Tony Bennett, etc. Solos and shows for Catskill hotels: Grossinger's , Concord (Marlene Dietrich, 1960!), Windsor Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Chester's, etc. etc. Most bizarre club date: Sara Vaughn, at Basin Street East, with jazz band. Most fun: gypsy violin solos on hotel jobs with Vera Brynner (Yul Brynner's sister). Also, "society club-dates" a.k.a. "continuous jobs" with Lester Lanin and Meyer Davis musicians.


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Letter:  Saving the Opera
A reader responds to a recent op-ed about saving the New York City Opera.