Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fw: Is a feminist who wears make-up a hypocrite? (10.09.10)

Published in The Guardian Weekly (Sept.24/10)
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Subject: Is a feminist who wears make-up a hypocrite? (10.09.10)

    An unmarried feminist who dabs lipstick on her pale lips or a dash of powder on her shiny nose, with the innocent intent of appearing more attractive to a lover, is by no means a hypocrite. Yet a married feminist (no oxymoron intended!), who drains the family bank account to indulge in costly hair-do's and cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, fur coats, and jewelry---all of which may well culminate in divorce and alimony--is indeed a hypocrite and an anathema to the feminist movement. Moreover, if she is not physically or mentally disabled ---  yet prefers to collect alimony instead of supporting herself with a job ---she is worse than a hypocrite. She is a kept woman
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