Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fw: What do thieves do with the 'H' and 'C' studs from handbasin taps? (Dec.18)

This bit of nonsense appeared in The Guardian Weekly, Jan.8, 2010 in response to a reader's nonsensical query:
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Subject: What do thieves do with the 'H' and 'C' studs from handbasin taps? (Dec.18)

There is a vast difference between thieves and souvenir collectors. When the old Metropolitan Opera House was about to be demolished, everone, even wealthy patrons in the Grand Tier, snipped off swatches from the velvet seats and the stage curtain as nostalgic momentos, while the washrooms were relieved of screws, doorknobs, and even an entire toilet seat. Similarly, it is quite understandable why a guest enjoying a stay at a luxury hotel, or a memorable dinner in a four-star restaurant, might be tempted to abscond with the elegant porcelain studs that traditionally adorn the handbasin taps in such places, in order to cherish them as souvenirs of the occasion. 
     Yet I cannot imagine why anyone would steal a tap stud from a public washroom, cheap restaurant, or fleabag hotel. For their poor taste, I would indeed call those unfortunate creatures thieves and vandals, and whatever they do with their ill-begotten junk is not worthy of our slightest consideration.
Les Dreyer, New York City, US
Les Dreyer
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